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Sushant Singh Rajput’s House Is a Mysterious Girl on 14th.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s house is a mysterious girl on 14th. Yes, Mysterious girl because no one knows its identity. Who the girl was after all. Who let her in and the family has also said that we do not know that girl.

But the door of the building was opened for her on the 14th. Actually, when Sushant died on the 14th, after that all the people of the building were told that no one of the building will go out and no one will come from outside.

Instructions were given in such a way that no one would go inside. But no bari gates were imposed from Police. Did not seal that place. And more than that, the flat is empty. There is no luggage there.

Who is The ‘Mystery Girl’ 

That is, the crime scene has not been sealed. Now in that visual, it appears that the girl who comes near the door is near the main gate and Deepesh explains what he talks to her, she says something in his ear and then the door opens and she walks in.

She goes to meet the policeman and goes towards the ambulance. Ambulance went to Cooper Hospital there are two ambulances Vikas Singh has given a statement. He says that we have seen that video as well. We do not know that girl. The family does not know the girl. The family does not know who that girl is.

So who allowed that girl inside at such a place. Whose permission has she entered. If there has been a crime somewhere, earlier this news had come on the live chat show itself, in the show, Sandeep Singh had told that he went up then he saw the ceiling from the outside and how much he did not see.

But when no one knew Sandeep Singh, he was also allowed inside. Now this same girl, whose video is going viral, was also allowed to come in and the other big thing which Vikas Singh opened the poll was he spoke a thing about Posmartum.

That the time of death is not fixed in the postmortem. However, after that all the Senior Advocates have claimed this. Whenever a postmortem report is received, the exact time of death is not fixed in it. Range is that range of hours.

Since this incident must have happened by noon the report never shows you the exact time. Statements of this manner have been claimed by some Supreme Court Advocates and some Senior Advocates. You can’t find out what the Times of Death is.

The big thing is that if you try Google, when Cooper writes, the first thing that comes in it is that from there you can easily buy any type of fake certificate. That hospital is famous for that. So obviously it is his hint that the PM’s certificate that he has been given has also been left untouched. Because Cooper is famous for this.

He also said why Parveen Babi, Disha Salian were taken to all the people there. Why Zia Khan and now Sushant are taken away. There are things that are wrong there. So the family is still talking to Cooper Hospital and that mysterious girl who came inside the house to investigate.

It is very important to find out who the mysterious girl was, after all, what did she do to the ambulance, what did she tell the ambulance. Why did ambulance go to the Cooper Hospital and all these things that happen in Cooper, after this, who will make sure that the certificate we have got is not fake.

Vikas Singh has made all these claims. It is obvious that he is the one who is constantly seeking justice, that is why in the statement he gave to the CBI, he said that we do not think that we are very clear that it is only from the kind of things coming out. It seems that people are really such things. They have not been investigated yet.


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Sushant Singh Rajput’s House Is a Mysterious Girl on 14th.

Sushant Singh Rajput's house is a mysterious girl on 14th. Yes, Mysterious girl because no one knows its identity. Who the girl...

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