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SSR CBI Recreated Crime Scene, Mumbai Police Also Present:2020

The big news of this time is coming from Bandra. A very big news is coming from Bandra Sushant’s house in SSR CBI team, forensic team, Mumbai Police, Cook Neeraj, Siddharth Pithani, cook who were on one side, and along with the key-man are all present at the house of Sushant Singh Rajput.

And its biggest reason is that the crime scene that happened on June 14 is being recast. In which there is a confirmation, today the dummy which was ordered was from Sushant Singh Rajput of similar Height, similar Weight. The same process that was used to re-hang the beans with the same cloth will be done.

And now it will be seen how & what happened. That is, all the people who were present there, all those people were called there and it is not only Divesh Sawant. Now recreating will see the entire scene. Now first, it was said that what happens to this dummy is not done at the same time.

That is, if this whole incident happened at 12 noon, then it should have been done at the same time and the example was given for the Aarushi Talwar massacre. The scene which was recreated in it was done at night. This was the difference between day and night.

SSR CBI Recreated Crime Scene

So, whatever the murder or suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput was during the day, while the case of Aarushi Talwar happened at night. Therefore, the scene was recycled at the same time. But in the day being recreated here and all the people were called.

It is not that the one who is a kurta is Fabindia who was told how the dummy carried weight. So now that dummy will be hung not once or twice or three times and be seen with that cloth. The fabric may break at first. It will be processed two or three times in the second time.

And the biggest thing is that even if the human body will suffer from something hanging, it will burst out. But the dummy won’t budge. So, some treatment will also be started.

Is Sushant Singh dead?

Did Sushant Singh Rajput cleared IIT?

Is Sushant Singh Rajput married?

How did Disha Salian die?

Where is Sushant Singh Rajput now?

The SSR CBI now entire scene is being recast; the biggest news is that Mumbai Police has also come to Bandra’s house. Everyone first wondered why the Mumbai Police came here. The Mumbai Police will also come, the scene will be recreated in the way the entry has been made for the Mumbai Police. What he did, how he would have asked. IEO officers were the same and the policemen who were present at that time are all present.

This is very big news currently. The dummy is what was ordered today. Today was the scene to be recreated. That is, in SSR CBI is doing its work here very fast. This morning, Siddharth Pithani, Cook Neeraj, Key-man in Bandra’s house.

Dummy Already arrived there. The Mumbai Police has also arrived there and now the entire scene is being recast. CBI is fully engaged in its work. Within two days, the CBI has done a lot of progress in this case. Because the sources are saying that in 45 days it has been said that the culprits of this whole case must be brought behind bars.

So, this is the update of Sushant Singh case, what you thing about it share your opinion in comment section below. Along with this, share this news to your friends and subscribe to the website and press the bell icon.



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