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Kozhikode Plane Crash:How Air India Plane Crash In Kerala-2020

There has been news of the Air India plane crash in Kerala. In Kozhikode plane crash, the aircraft broke into three parts. There were 184 passengers, five crew members and two pilots aboard this aircraft, a total of 191. According to the latest information, 17 people have died in this accident. According to Kozhikode Commissioner, 173 people are still in the hospital; many of them are seriously injured, i.e., the death toll is expected to increase further.

This aircraft of Air India was coming from Dubai under the Vande Bharat Mission. While landing at the Karipur airport in Kozhikode, it slipped off the runway and fell 35 feet. It rained in Kozhikode today. According to flight recorder data, the plane made several rounds of the airport before landing.

A hard landing was made a second time after the first landing attempt failed. A surviving passenger reported that the plane bounced up and down several times and slipped off the runway after touch down. The aircraft was being flown by Air India veteran pilot Deepak Vasant Sathe. Before this, he was a test pilot of the Indian Air-force. He was killed in this accident.

Experts tell that due to their understanding and efforts, so many passengers could be saved in this accident. Kerala has four airports, and the shortest runway is in Kozhikode. Karipur Airport has a tabletop runway i.e., a tabletop and then slopes and moat. It is made by leveling the hill.

Experts say that many international airlines have stopped landing their big aircraft in Kozhikode. These include the Boeing 777, Airbus 330 jets due to the shortening of the runway length. It is worth noting that DGCA has made a list of the country’s critical airports. That means the airport where the only experienced crew can take off the plane. There is a list of 11 airports, and Kozhikode is included in it.

Important Things About Kozhikode Plane Crash


Last year, when an Air India Express flight from Dammam landed in Kozhikode, an accident happened. DGCA expressed concern. The tail part of the aircraft hit the runway, and then the Calicut Airport Director sent a notice because the runway was found to have cracks.

And the important question is that in May 2010, an Air India aircraft fell from the runway in the same manner at Mangaluru International Airport. There were 166 people on board, and 158 people were killed. At that time, when the plane fell, it caught fire. An inquiry came out, and the report said that EMAS would be installed at tabletop airports. I.e., Engineered materials arrestor system.

These systems were installed after the runway at the tabletop airport so that the aircraft did not slip down. The big question is what happened to that recommendation. This year 2020 has been a year of frequent accidents and accidents. But one thing was seen in some photos that the plane did not fire. Like Mangaluru, if there were a fire in the aircraft, hardly anyone would have survived this accident.

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