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IPL 2020 News: 5 Big News For IPL on 13 August

The BCCI has been informed about the IPL 2020 season, this year from September 19 to November 10, there will be IPL 2020 season in UAE. Five big updates and five big news have come out about the IPL teams. Today, we will see IPL 2020 news IPL five big news coming out about the.

IPL 2020 News First Big Update

The first big news among them is about Ravindra Jadeja. This news is becoming more viral since yesterday that there was a big dispute between Ravindra Jadeja and women constable and now this dispute has reached a big level.

IPL 2020 News-Ravindra Jadeja

In fact, now the Gujarat government has also come in the middle of this dispute and now the Gujarat government will take a big action on Ravindra Jadeja and due to this action, those who will not be part of CSK’s practice camp between August 15 to 20.

And after 20 August, this team will leave for Dubai. Jadeja may not go to Dubai with this team for the IPL or go to Dubai in the month of September and if this matter reaches a higher level, then Ravindra Jadeja may look out of the IPL 2020. So, for CSK and Jadeja, this has come out as bad news.

IPL 2020 News Second Big Update

With this, the second big news came out, this is about the South African players. In fact, it has been fully conformed that 10 South African players will reach UAE on 1 September and experts and all IPL teams together have arranged a private jet for them.

IPL 2020 News- South African Players

On September 10, the South African players of all IPL teams will reach UAE and from September 1 it will be a part of the practice camp. So now the South African players will be part of the IPL from the first match. This news is good news for CSK and RCB.

IPL 2020 News Third Big Update

With this, the third big news that came out is about Mumbai’s domestic cricketer Karan Tiwari. Karan Tiwari plays a domestic cricketer from Mumbai and he has been suicide yesterday due to BCCI and IPL. The reason behind their suicide is being told to BCCI.

IPL 2020 News-Karan Tiwari

The report is such that in the months of November and December, MI’s team contacted Karan Tiwari. He was in very good form and wanted to include him at MI to buying into their team and he gave his name in the auction at the behest of MI. But the BCCI had stopped naming them in the auction.

The BCCI had told that till now he was not played a single match from the States and cannot play in the IPL. Without playing a game from the States and due to these reasons, he was in a major depression for the last five to six months. Due to this, he was suicide. Overall this is bad news for BCCI and IPL and now after this incident, BCCI will have to change the rules of IPL and all players will have to come into the auction.

IPL 2020 News Forth Big Update

With this, the fourth big news that has come out is from Rajasthan Royals. Rajasthan Royals team’s fielding coach Dishant Yagnik was found to be Covid positive and after he was found Covid positive, now the entire squad of Rajasthan Royals squad will be tested again.

IPL 2020 News-Rajasthan Royals

Reports are that a lot of players have meet them in the last 10 days. It is possible that the players of Rajasthan Royals team can also be found finding Covid positive or getting corona infected. So here is bad news for Rajasthan Royals team before overall IPL. If Dishant Yagnik cannot recover, then he will not be able to go to UAE with Rajasthan Royals team and this will cause a huge loss to the entire team.

IPL 2020 News Fifth Big Update

With this came the fifth big news that came from CSK and MS Dhoni. Yesterday the CEO of CSK team has given a big statement. He told that CSK team will be associated with MS Dhoni not only till IPL 2020 and 2021 but also till 2022 season.

IPL 2020 News CSK and MS Dhoni 1

MS Dhoni will play in the IPL until the 2022 IPL season. That is, three more years, MS Dhoni will be part of the IPL. So, this is great news for CSK and MS Dhoni fans. We will see MS Dhoni playing the IPL for CSK for three more years.

So, these were the five big news stories about the IPL 2020 season. By the way, you can comment in commenting section, that which team has the chances to win IPL season 14. Along with this, Facebook likes our news and for such updates, subscribed the website.

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