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IPL 2020 – 5 Big News For IPL on 10 August

The BCCI has confirmed about the IPL 2020 season. Between September 19 to November 10, the IPL 2020 season will be held in the UAE. Along with this, since the confirmation of the IPL, the big news is coming out regularly about the IPL and IPL 2020 season.

Today, once again, five significant updates have come out regarding the IPL and IPL 2020 season and the IPL title sponsor and IPL teams.

IPL 2020 First Big Update

The five big news that has come out about the IPL 2020 season has come out. The first big news among them is about CSK fast bowler Deepak Chahar. Deepak Chahar was away from cricket for a long time due to his injury, and he was away from cricket for the last eight-ten months.

IPL 2020- Deepak Chahar

But now he has given 100% confirmation on his fitness. He told him that he is fully recovered and will play the entire IPL season for CSK during the IPL in UAE. Conditions like the UAE will help a lot. So, before the IPL, big news for CSK Deepak Chahar has now become available for the IPL.

IPL 2020 Second Big Update

With this, this other big news has come out like Brett Lee. Brett Lee has given two big statements in the last two days in a row. Where he gave a statement yesterday that CSK’s team will be the strongest in this IPL season and the most CSK chances to win IPL in UAE.

IPL 2020- Brett Lee

And today another big statement has come out from them. He has given a big statement about the Punjab team. Brett Lee has said that the Punjab team has taken the best step by making Anil Kumble the head coach for the IPL 2020 season. He said that the team would benefit significantly from Anil Kumble becoming the head coach of which team.

And for the Punjab team, the IPL 2020 season is going to be the best season ever. The statement so far has come out of Brett Lee’s side.

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IPL 2020 Third Big Update

The third big news related to this has come out with the new title sponsor of the IPL. Until yesterday, Jio was also at the forefront of becoming the title sponsor of the Amazon IPL. Jio has wholly refused to become the title sponsor of the IPL.

After this, Amazon was ahead in the race for the new title sponsor of more IPL. But now, along with Amazon, the academy has come a long way in this race. Now there are almost equal chances of

  • Amazon
  • Unacademy
  • and Byju’s
IPL 2020- Sponsors

Out of these three brands, we will see one brand becoming the title sponsor of the IPL. Whereas, now too many chances have come out of the academy, and there is a report from the BCCI official that now only one of these three companies will become the new title sponsor.

So now, becoming the new title sponsor of one of these three companies is completely fast. With this, along with Amazon, Unacademy and Byju’s have also come in an equal race.

IPL 2020 Forth Big Update

With this, this fourth big news has come out. That is, from Dean Jones, Dean Jones has given a big statement or great advice about IPL. He said that KKR’s team should open with Shubman Gill in this IPL season.

IPL 2020- Dean Jones

He told that the way Shubman Gill performed in the last IPL season, the same way his performance will be in this IPL season, some such statements have come out of him. He said that if KKR’s team does not open Shubman Gill in this IPL season, KKR’s team will make a big mistake.

If the KKR team must do well in the IPL, Shubman Gill will have to open. By the way, by commenting, your awarding KKR team should open with Shubman Gill and which batsman. That is, which ones should have their openers.

IPL 2020 Fifth Big Update

The fifth big news that has come out with this is from CSK. CSK confirmed yesterday that big players like MS Dhoni, Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu. Now we will have practice camps in Chennai from August 15 to 20. With this, almost 90% of the team’s Indian players will practice camps in India in these five days.

IPL 2020- CSK

And after that, this team will leave for UAE and UAE will start their practice camp by August 26. So, this team has started preparations to go to UAE at the earliest. The team of CSK and MI is going to start UAE preparations soon. Or the preparations for these two teams have almost started.

So today, these five big news about IPL or five significant updates have come out. By commenting in the comment section, amazon Unacademy, or Byju’s, which brand of its partner should now be the new sponsor of the IPL. Or some other brand should become the new sponsor. Along with this, subscribe to our website for subsets of the same method.


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