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IPL 2020 News Today– Big News For IPL On 15 August

Five big updates have come out about the IPL teams for the IPL 2020 season 13, and today once again big news has been released about the IPL 2020 news today season 13.

IPL 2020 News Today First Update

Today’s first big news has come out from KKR. In fact, for this year, KKR’s team has launched its new jersey for the second time tomorrow. Previously, Byju’s, who was the title sponsor, but now Byju’s has submitted his claim for the title sponsor of the IPL and the contract with KKR was broken.

IPL 2020 News-KKR

Due to this, the KKR’s team has launched their new jerseys for IPL and CPL and now MPL will be able to see their new title sponsor on the screen. Some of these types of jerseys are going to be in the IPL 2020 season.

IPL 2020 News Today Second Update

Today’s second big news is about MS Dhoni and CSK. Actually, the entire team of CSK has tested Covid-19. The entire team including MS Dhoni has been negative in Covid-19 testing. That is, no player of CSK team is corona.

IPL 2020 News Today-CSK & MS Dhoni

With this, the entire team has just reached Chennai. Their training camp will be held there for five days and on 21st, this team will leave for Dubai. First team will be formed which will reach Dubai and start preparations for IPL.

IPL 2020 News Today Third Update

With this, today the third big news has come out is that of Babar Azam. Actually former England cricketer and commentator Nasir Hussain has given a big statement. He said that there is a big dispute between India and Pakistan and this dispute will continue for years to come.

IPL 2020 News Today-Babar Azam

But due to this controversy, Pakistan’s talented cricketers should not be kept away from IPL. He told that Babar Azam should get a chance to play in IPL. He is quite talented and can perform very well in IPL as well. There is so much talent in them, any team that will play in IPL can perform very well for that team.

So by commenting in the comment section, should the Pakistani players get a chance to play in the IPL or not and if they should get then Babar Azam should be picked in which team, i.e. in which team they should get a chance.

IPL 2020 News Today Forth Update

With this, the fourth big news that has come out is about the new titles of IPL sponsors. Actually 6 companies had bid for the new title sponsor of IPL. But now most chances of Byju’s and Tata Sons to become the new title sponsors of IPL are coming out.

IPL 2020 News Today-IPL Title Sponsors

Reports are that Byju’s broke the contract with KKR because it is now going to be the new title sponsor of IPL. So now we will see either Byjus or Tata Sons becoming the new title sponsor of IPL.

IPL 2020 News Today Fifth Update

The fifth big news that has come out is from Punjab and Mumbai Indians. Actually it has been confirmed yesterday that the players of England and Australia will not be available for the first week of IPL. That is, the overall 22 players will not be available in the first week of IPL during the IPL 2020 season.

IPL 2020 News Today-Punjab and MI

In this, the team of KKR, Hyderabad, Rajasthan Royals and RCB will be a big loss. On the other hand, if we talk, the team of Punjab and Mumbai Indians will not suffer much harm. If we talk about Punjab, they only Chris Jordan and Glenn Maxwell will miss the opening matches for them, this team has even more backup players.

IPL 2020 News Today-Punjab Team

If we talk about the Mumbai Indians team, only Coulter-Nile and Chris Lynn will miss the opening match for this team. Overall MI and Punjab team will not have much effect.

IPL 2020 News Today-MI Team

So today these five big news stories about the overall IPL have come out with five big updates. By the way, by commenting in the comment section, which of the company should become the new title sponsor of the IPL. Along with this, share this news to your friends and subscribe to the website and press the bell icon.

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