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IPL 2020 News– Big News For IPL On 14 August

Friends IPL 2020 season 13 will be in UAE between 19 September to 10 November this year. Along with this, IPL 2020 news is constantly coming out. And today once again some big updates have come out about IPL season 13.

IPL 2020 News First Update

So , the first big news has come out today, that is about the IPL telecast from Star Sports. Actually we know that IPL can be seen on only two platforms. Where TV can be seen on Star Sports channels. While IPL can be seen in Hotstar in mobile for free.

IPL 2020 News-Star Sports

But to watch IPL in mobile this year, one has to take prime membership in Hotstar. Only then you can watch IPL by Live Stream. If IPL will not be shown for free this year, then it is bad news for those who watch live matches of IPL in Hotstar or mobile.

IPL 2020 News Second Update

With this, the second big news has come out today is about the trade-window of IPL. Actually BCCI has restarted the IPL’s trading window. However, in this trade window one player will not go to another team. Rather teams can carry net bowlers with them. That is, in the trading window, teams can include net bowlers in their team. Which will help them during practice camp in UAE.

Actually CSK team has included 10 players to take them to UAE. The same KKR team will also take 10 extra players with them. And RCB’s team will take five extra players with them to UAE. So, by opening the trading window, the BCCI can take the team with them to UAE for the extra players who can help them during the practice game.

IPL 2020 News Third Update

With this, today the third big news has come out from Punjab. Actually 15 days ago Karun Nair was found covid positive but now it has fully recovered. He has been tested twice. These have been found negative both times and have been fully available for the IPL 2020 season.

IPL 2020 News-Punjab-Karun-Maxwell

with this, the big news for Punjab is about Glenn Maxwell. In fact, about a month before the IPL, Maxwell has made a big statement. He has said that the Punjab team has the highest chances of becoming the IPL champion in this IPL season. He has told that in this IPL season, Punjab team is going to become the IPL champion for the first time.

Actually, Brett Lee has also done prediction before this. They have also said that Punjab has the highest chances of winning the IPL. By the way, you comment in the comment section and tell whether the Punjab team will win the first title of IPL or not.

IPL 2020 News Forth Update

With this, the fourth big news of today has come out from Nitish Rana of KKR. Actually, Nitish Rana has started IPL preparations in India before going to UAE. They have now resumed IPL preparations. So overall now all the players in IPL preparations are looking forward to us.

IPL 2020 News-Punjab-Karun-Maxwell

So friends, there were some important updates of today’s IPL. You commented in the comment section and told that you mostly watch IPL matches on television or mobile. Also, share this with your friends and do not forget to subscribe and press the bell icon. Thank you.



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