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Sushant Singh Rajput Case: Rhea’s family is the cause of SSR’s death?

Sushant Singh Rajput case, Rhea is mentioned in the application his father has given to Patna Police Station. The father of the children has registered a criminal case at Rajiv Nagar police station in Patna.

Sushant’s father has written in his application in the case under sections 341, 342, 380, 406, 420, 306 of the IPC that the Mumbai Police is investigating, I do not trust him.

He is alone, so he wants the Patna Police to carry forward the entire proceedings by investigating the matter. Not only this, but the biggest thing in this application is also that his father has written that he has made serious allegations against his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty and his family. Rhea betrayed Sushant and grabbed his money.

Not only this, but Sushant was also completely cut off from the family. Now on the orders of Patna SSP Upendra Sharma, the police station in-charge of Rajiv Nagar is the IO of this case, the Investigation Officer has been made.

Sushant Singh Rajput Case Rhea Chakraborty

In the FIR of Sushant Singh Rajput’s father, he has asked seven main important questions.

The first question in Sushant Singh Rajput case that he had put in which before 2019, when my son Sushant Singh did not have any brain problem, then what happened suddenly after coming in contact with Rhea that Sushant Singh had a lot of brain trouble. It will be investigated.

The second point in Sushant Singh Rajput case, if he was mentally disturbed during this time, he was undergoing a mental treatment, then why was written or verbal permission not taken from us in this regard, because when a person is mentally ill, all his rights are with his family Occur. It should be investigated.

Third point in Sushant Singh Rajput case, Rhea’s doctors treated my son Sushant Singh Rajput during Rhea’s direction; I think these doctors were also involved in all the conspiracies with Rhea. It should be investigated what treatment they have given and which medicines were given to my son.

The fourth question in Sushant Singh Rajput case when Rhea knew that my son’s mental condition was going on fragile. In this situation, he should not be adequately treated, take all his medical papers with him, and leave my son alone in this critical condition. He lost contact from all sides, causing my son to commit suicide. So he should be held responsible for his death. It is only Rhea, and her family and associates who are responsible should be investigated.

So a huge thing is revealed by his father that Rhea went with him with all medical files. Rhea had taken all the medical records with her and had gone with all the papers. So how would Sushant know if he had to take medicine, then he said this colossal thing.

I have found out from the statement of a bank account of my son that in the last one year about 17 crores rupees. Yes, 17 crore rupees were getting from my son’s account number; he has given account number. Around Rs, 15 crores have come out of this account during this period. Money has been transferred to such statements from which my son has nothing to do.

All the accounts of my son should be investigated. To see how much money Rhea has cheated with his family and associates by fraud and conspiracy with these bank accounts. Before this episode, Sushant Singh had a full name in the acting world, so what is the reason that after Rhea’s arrival, Sushant Singh’s films were reduced to a minimum.

Seventh point My son Sushant Singh wanted to go to Kerala for organic farming business with his friend Mahesh. For which he was searching for land. When Rhea came to know about this, she protested and threatened Sushant that I would highlight all the papers of your treatment in the media and ruin everything due to your good influence.

But when Sushant objected to this, Rhea felt that Sushant Singh was no longer of any use. So Rhea went from there with a laptop, cash, jewelry, credit, treatment documents, PIN, password. This case should be investigated.

So he revealed a lot that Rhea had gone away with everything. I tried to talk to my son Sushant many times while living in Patna Bihar, but Rhea and his family and colleagues always thwarted all my efforts. Neither did he allow me to come to Patna. I am an old man; I am 74 years old. I mourn the passing of my son.

Nearly 40 days have passed, but those who have played a lesser role in Sushant Singh Rajput Case are being investigated by not taking action against the main accused in Mumbai Police. Sushant’s father has revealed all these things in his FIR.



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