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GOOGLE- JIO 5G Smartphone Will Launch Soon

Between 2004 and 2005, Reliance launched a very good scheme which revolutionized the field of mobile. It was a scheme of only 501 rupees. Give 501 rupees and after this scheme, mobile phones in your hand. Mobile users who were very fast-growing, now some more planning is going on to launch the JIO 5G smartphone.

Now in India, Google and Jio have joined hands and are trying to bring very cheap JIO 5G smartphones in the market. How much will that smartphone be 1000 rupees or 2000 rupees or even less? Although both companies have not made any disclosure about the price so far, but they have cleared their purpose.

The objective is that everyone should have a JIO 5G smartphone in their hands and have internet connectivity so that they can stay connected with the world. Now what is the benefit of this, how are people going to get it? We explain this to you. Actually, people will get cheaper smartphones, as well as more people, who will be able to connect through the internet.

What’s The Accouncement Of Jio 5G Smartphone?

The announcement has taken by the Reliance Industry. They said that the world’s tech company Google and Reliance Group company Jio Platforms will invest 33 thousand 737 crore rupees. In return for this investment, Google will get a 7.7 percent stake in Jio Platform. But really, what is the whole matter, we tell you that Reliance is now preparing to bring a JIO 5G smartphone at a very low price.

For this, an Android system is being worked on that will be developed itself, on top of which there will be a platform on which these phones support and more and more people use it. As it were, arranging is likewise to make India free from 2G and to take India up a score as far as tech.

Google To Invest 4.5 Billion Dollar

Sundar Pichai said that everybody ought to approach the web. We take pride in partnering with Reliance to take JIO 5G smartphones to millions of Indians. From Google for India Digitization Fund, we are investing the first $ 4.5 billion for this.

Let us explain to you what is the situation now. Jio phone is currently the cheapest phone in the world with 4G connectivity. The cost of Jio Phone propelled in the year 2017 is at present 699 rupees. At the same time, in the year 2018, the price of Jio Phone 2 is Rs 2999.

It is not that only and only the benefit of this is going to be given to the general public, somewhere the benefit will also be given to Jio and Google will also get it. See what Google’s Reach will grow even more and with this, the increase in Jio’s customers can be very high.

Overall, an attempt is made to bring a phone in the market that will give a boost to 5G connected people. The smartphones that will end with 2G India will be at a very low price and the features that are available in that smartphone can be almost similar to the existing ones.

In a way, both companies are trying to take the digital India dream in India a step further. How do you think India will benefit from this investment of Google? Please give your opinion in the below comment section and share this article to your social media accounts.



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