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Dil Bechara 2020; How’s Good Sushant Singh Rajput’s last film

Dil Bechara, When you truly love someone and that relationship breaks down, it is very difficult to handle yourself. You see the same person everywhere. Every single bell rang on the mobile calls itself. Every beep rang on the phone gets its message. It is very difficult for you to convince yourself, that the person you loved and loved you so much is no longer with you.

After Sushant’s departure, his fans who wanted him for crores also had the same situation. People watched every video of him on YouTube, watched every movie again, and heard his songs on loop. Followed every news related to him from TV to social media. After Sushant left, his thirst for seeing and knowing grew so much that it is not easy to tell him in words.

Now in between all these emotions. Seeing a new film by Sushant, you can understand how the experience must have been. That too a Dil Bechara that tells the story of love emotion and death. This tells us how much life is on us, but we do not have it, but how to live it is completely in our hands.

Sushant is playing the role of a guy named Manny who is battling cancer himself, but he is cheer-up to a girl named Kizie who is also battling cancer.

Sushant knows that he does not have much life but he lives it as if he wants to do everything in the life he has. Manny is a cool guy who loves to joke around all the time. The heart does not hesitate to speak. Rajinikanth is crazy. At the same time, Kizie is of a slightly narrower type, she listens to Meaningful Music instead of Sizzling.

Before I talk further on the Dil Bechara, there is no harm in me saying that this film cannot be shown as a film. It is difficult for you to believe that Sushant, who is playing the role of Manny on screen, is not among us. Seeing this, you feel bad that the person who is keeping himself so motivate despite such a big illness in the film.

About Dil Bechara

Dil Bechara

Well In Dil Bechara when Manny and Kizie meet, they start changing each other. The music of Rahman Saheb brings the emotions of the film out of the sanity. There are some flaws in the Dil Bechara too. But just having Sushant in the film does not let any such shortcomings stay on your attention for long.

The last 15-20 minutes of the Dil Bechara are very strong emotions that show Manny’s health and dream of her dreams throughout the film. One day he learns that his own health has worsened. But here too he does not leave his life. He goes to the theater and watches his favorite Rajinikanth’s film.

His health worsens there but still does not want to go from there. Then one day he calls Kizie and calls the church. Manny wants his best friend and Kizie to tell him what he’ll say about her after he dies. In this scene, when someone starts crying while praising a Manny, it becomes very difficult for you to handle him.

Sushant’s face is not seen from you, listening to good things done about himself from friends before his death. You cannot differentiate between curtains and real life. But this last scene made me think a lot. I wish Sushant would have given his loved ones such an opportunity even in real life.

His millions of fans, who are unable to handle themselves even today after so many days of his departure. If Sushant could have known how much people loved him, he might never have taken such a step. Of course there will be many people in his life who must have hurt Sushant a lot. But there was nothing in front of Sushant’s fans.

The rest of my heart still does not believe that Sushant can do so bad with himself. But really if this is what is being told, then we will all suffer till the end of life. And while walking, I would just like to say that Even if you do not scare from the difficulties of living in life, these characters do not die when you see them. Miss you Sushant.



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