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Best Wireless Headphones:Oneplus Bullets Z VS Realme Buds

Oneplus Bullets Z wireless headphones versus the more popular the Realme Buds wireless, but here both of them come under two thousand rupees. So which one is better? Which one should you buy? Let’s find that out.
So looking at some of the main differences inspects Realme comes with some proprietary chip at 11.2mm drivers, whereas the Oneplus comes with the Qualcomm chip at 9.2mm drivers, the Realme Buds is rated at IPX4, whereas Oneplus is rated it IP55. So Oneplus is definitely better here. 
Realme claims 12 hours of battle life, whereas Oneplus claims 20 hours of battery life. So in terms of features and specs, Oneplus definitely goes ahead. We’ll explore more on that.

Technical Specification Of Oneplus Bullets Z Wireless

Oneplus Bullets Z
Brand Oneplus
Model Name 5481100012 (BWZ)
Driver Size 9.2mm
USB Type Type C-Port
Item Weight 27.2 g
Product Dimensions 37.5 x 11 x 2.5 cm
Additional Features Bluetooth, Wireless, Fast Charge, With Microphone
Battery Average Life 20 Hours
Included Components Pair Of Bullets Wireless, User Guide, Silicon Earbuds, Safety, And Warranty Card, USB Charging Cable
Warranty Details: 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase

Technical Specification Of Realme Buds Wireless:

Realme Buds Wireless
Brand Realme
Model Name RMA108
Driver Size 11.2mm
USB Type Micro USB
Item Weight 31.8 g
Product Dimensions 35.5 x 11 x 0.5 cm
Additional Features Bluetooth, Wireless, With Microphone
Battery Average Life 12 Hours
Included Components Earphone, Ear tips 6 (including 2 on the earphones), Ear support 2, Micro USB cable and Quick guide book
Warranty Details: 6 months warranty

Oneplus comes with the UCB type C-Port, whereas Realme comes with a micro USB cable port. Build quality-wise, we find both of them pretty decent for this price range. In terms of looks, we find them Oneplus to look a little bit cheaper.

We didn’t like the buttons on the Realme. They’re hard to press and less tactile compared to the Oneplus. This matters a lot because you keep using these. Also, if you look at the button placement under Realme, you’ll find the music controls on the right side of the neckband, whereas on the Oneplus you actually have a separate hub situated near the mouth. This will basically result in better mike quality and also easy to reach out to the music controls.
Both of them offer fast charging, but Oneplus with its WAP charging claims 10-minute charge with 10 hours battery life, whereas Realme offers more like 10 minutes charge with 100 minutes playback. So definitely Oneplus is miles ahead of you. In terms of Fit & comfort, we didn’t particularly find anything wrong with either of these. 
Now talking about the connectivity and also the latency. We find them very similar. Even the Oneplus or the Realme Buds do have some delays. So it’s not going to be good for gaming. But Oneplus does have this low latency mode which only works with Oneplus devices. So if we have an Oneplus device, then it can be better.
Oneplus has something called a quick switch where it can switch between two devices very fast and seamlessly, which is missing in the Realme Buds. Both of them come with mike functionality, and we find that Oneplus to being slightly better as compare to Realme Buds.
Now talking about the sound quality, let’s start with the bass. There is definitely more bass on the Realme Buds, the sound signature is tuned to be bass-heavy to please the masses. So when you hear Oneplus and the Realme Buds side by side, you will notice the lack of bass immediately in the Oneplus earphones.
But on the Oneplus, we find the vocals to be slightly clearer and even the instruments in the mid-range actually slightly sound more prominent compared to the Realme Buds and the Realme Buds do seem to kind of muffle the mikes a little bit, but it’s not really bad at all to actually put it in very simple terms.
So when we particularly played some bass-heavy tracks on either of these, even the Oneplus was pumping out some bass, a decent bass. But definitely, Realme Buds seems to have an edge over here. But just to put it in the right context, Realme Buds are not going to blow your mind in terms of bass because even a 500-600 rupee via their phones can actually offer more and better bass. But that is not a fair comparison here. 
So which one should you get? So if you get more for the bass, get the Realme Buds it’s a no brainer. But if you cared more for the battery life, decently good sound, and all the other features that we talked about, we should get the Oneplus earphones. And if you have an Oneplus device, definitely Oneplus makes more sense because you also get that low latency mode along with all the other features. 
So it really depends on what your preferences are. And based on that, you can pick either of these and both of them offer pretty good value for money.

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