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Top 10 Best Revenge In Cricket History

Best revenge in Cricket history. Cricket is a fascinating game that is played all over the world, but today Cricket is not limited to just two teams, but it has become a match between two players.

Today, some player of every team fights with the player of the rival team and then competes, and the audience is thrilled. So let us tell you about the Avengers by eating some of Cricket.

10. Prasad vs Sohail

Venkatesh Prasad has been a very experienced and outstanding bowler of the Indian team. Who has won many matches for India with many crucial wickets? Once when he was bowling against Pakistan, then Pakistani player Aamir Sohail was continuously sending his balls across the boundary.

Prasad vs Sohail

In this match, when Aamir Sohail hit Venkatesh Prasad’s ball for another six, when he looked towards Venkatesh Prasad, he angrily told him something wrong and gestured to him by showing his bat. Prasad got angry because of this act of Aamir, and he broke the pride of Aamir on his next ball and took his wicket. Seeing this, everyone sitting in the stadium was surprised.

9. Zaheer Khan vs Brett Lee

Zaheer Khan has been one of the most successful bowlers of India, who has dismissed many veteran batsmen many times. Zaheer Khan’s name among the quietest players in the Indian team, and he rarely gets into fights.

Zaheer Khan vs Brett Lee

But once he was batting for India in the crucial match, Australian bowler Bret Lee gave him a high-speed yorker ball which he could not play, and the ball hit his pad and went away. Just as Zaheer ran and missed, Brett Lee came forward and argued with him.

After this, Zaheer got angry, and he started furiously, and he happened on the field which you would never have imagined. Because as soon as Brett Lee bowled the next ball to Zaheer, he converted it into a six in front. Which Britney was left watching and the best thing was that the Indian had also won the match.

8. AB de Villiers vs A Joseph

AB de Villiers has been a former South African captain and a solid batsman. Who earned a worldwide name due to his fiery batting. AB de Villiers has a lot of records set in Cricket which is very difficult to break. You will all know that AB de Villiers is a straightforward and calm player.

AB de Villiers vs A Joseph

But if a bowler tries to intimidate them with his balls, then he knows how to answer them. During a CPL match, when a bowler named Ajari Joseph bowled a sharp delivery to AB de Villiers, that ball went to AB’s helmet with high speed.

Because of this, AB tripped, but AB is AB. Meaning when Ajari bowled him the next ball, AB put a very top six on that ball and completed his revenge in cricket.

7. Anderson vs Johnson

You all must have seen players quarrelling with each other in Cricket. Sometimes these battles go very far, and other players have to interfere in it. But many times these battles take place between just two players and both players answer each other based on their batting and bowling.

Anderson vs Johnson

The same thing happened during the match between Australia and England when an Australian bowler Mitchell Johnson and England bowler James Anderson got into a fight. In fact, Johnson made fun of Anderson for not taking the wicket, which angered Anderson and Anderson then responded to Johnson by getting out the other batsman standing in front of his next ball and completed his revenge in cricket.

This fight did not stop here, and during a Test match in 2013, Johnson also pacified Anderson by knocking him out.

6. Sreesanth vs Andrew Nel

In Cricket many players cross the limit of anger, and their quarrel increases very much. Sometimes players become so personal that other players have to settle their dispute. One such discussion took place between Sreesanth and South African bowler Andre Nel.

Sreesanth vs Andrew Nel

Andre called Sreesanth something wrong during his over. Then did Sreesanth get angry and thought of resolving the quarrel with the crowd in his way. As soon as Andre Nel bowled his next ball, Sreesanth hit the ball in front and rode a six outside the boundary and started to spin his bat in the air. Andre was also surprised to see.

5. Watson vs Sammy

We often get to see the battle of West Indies and Australian players at Cricket Field. And whenever there is a match between these two teams, it becomes fascinating because the players of these teams often fight among themselves.

Watson vs Sammy

Something similar happened during the Test match when Shane Watson threw a bouncer ball to Daren Sammy. This bouncer was so fast that Sammy could not escape from him and the ball hit his helmet, which caused him to stumble, and Watson exchanged talk between them, which made him angry too. Sammy then took revenge in cricket his style and hit a six on Watson’s next ball. Six was too long, which Watson kept on watching.

4. Williams vs Walton

The game of Cricket is enjoyable, but when the game starts between two players apart from two teams, then this game becomes even more exciting. West Indies player Williamson is famous for his diary entry celebrations after taking wickets. He did something similar after taking the wicket of Walton during a match of CPL.

Williams vs Walton

But doing so became very close to Watson and humiliated him. In response, Walter targeted Williamson in the next match, and his bowling was sent continuously across the boundary. Williamson wrote every shot of his shot on his bat, which left all the players shocked.

3. Yuvraj Singh vs Andrew Flintoff

Fighting is a common practice in Cricket and often in every significant match, due to the pressure, players get into fight fights and troll each other. But some quarrels become history. One such argument is between Yuvi and Flintoff. After which Yuvraj made history.

Yuvraj Singh vs Andrew Flintoff

During a match of Twenty20 World Cup, Flintoff of England team said something wrong to India’s crown prince, and there was a heated argument between the two. Then what happened was that Yuvraj showed his anger after that debate and hit six consecutive sixes off Flintoff’s fellow player Stuart Broad and scored the fastest half-century. No one has broken this record to date.

2. Jose Buttler vs Sheldon Cottrell

The bowlers of the West Indies are very witty and celebrate in a different way when they take wickets. Sheldon Cottrell, a great bowler from the West Indies, who has earned a name in the world cricket for his brilliant style.

Jose buttler vs sheldon cottrell

Sheldon’s Sea of ​​Salute has become famous worldwide. And whenever he dismisses a player, he does give the salute, but once he was giving salute after England player Morgan was dismissed, his salute was not liked by Jos Buttler standing at the crease, and he gave his partner Eoin Morgan Was avenged for six consecutive sixes off Sheldon.

1. Williams vs Virat Kohli

Sometimes some battles become so much more dangerous in Cricket that players keep thinking about taking revenge for these battles for years to come. India captain Virat Kohli made one such revenge in cricket from West Indies bowler Williams in 2019.

Williams vs Virat Kohli

Because during a match in 2017, Williams dismissed Virat Kohli and wrote his name in his diary which no one could forget and he also completed his revenge in cricket by putting a shot on Williams’s ball and writing it on his bat in his style. That too, after two years.

So, friends, these were some hot revenge in Cricket, which player’s revenge was the best, please tell us by commenting. And of course, don’t forget to subscribe and share the website. Thank you.



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