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Was Sushant Singh Rajput Against Ideology Like Suicide?

Everyone is in shock after Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput reported suicide. Be it Bollywood, sports world, or politics, everyone is surprised by the news of Sushant’s suicide. No one can understand what is in mourning, what must have happened in the life of a successful actor that he has taken a big step like suicide.

Sushant Singh Rajput
Sushant Singh Rajput

In the year 2019, Sushant Singh Rajput’s last film came out, which was titled Chhichhore, this film not only proved to be a hit at the box office but people also liked Sushant’s acting in this film. The film was made on a serious subject like suicide in which Sushant played the character of a father whose son is under a lot of stress due to studies.

He feels that his mother and father are quite successful and if he is not so smart, people will laugh at him and make fun of him. Only after this, when his son does not get good numbers in the exam, he becomes depressed. Not only this, but he also takes a big step like suicide in depression. Sushant recounts his son’s failure during his college days to recover his son from depression in the hospital.

Source: Zee-News

He tells how he was far behind others during his college days and how he never gave up and achieved success with his hard work and courage. Sushant Singh Rajput says in a scene of the film, I told my son how to celebrate when elected but did not say what to do if he did not pass the exam.

Through this, he wanted to explain to his son that he wanted to tell what to do in life, if successful, everyone does his planning. Everyone has information about him, but he should also plan how to deal with it if he fails.

In this film, Sushant’s character was named Anirudh, who has been divorced from his wife and he is single-handedly raising his son. In this film, Sushant tells his son that a big step like suicide is not the solution to any problem in life.

But who knew that the actor who would teach the world not to give up and not suicide would one day get rid of the world in this way. It makes us think about what was happening in Sushant’s life.


After all, what was the tension in Sushant’s life that he could not bear his burden? Indeed, seeing this, it can be said that the film world is much different from the real-life and also that what is seen in the world of showbiz is not the same. Perhaps this was the reason why the shining star of laughing showbiz gave up on life.


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