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Sushant’s Doctor Opened Many Secrets; Was Upset With Rhea

Sushant Singh Rajput was in depression for not one but six years. Sushant Singh Rajput had three breakups in his life. Sushant Singh Rajput was upset with Riya. Sushant Singh Rajput used to miss Ankita a lot. Sushant’s Doctor has made many shocking statements. According to news, Psychiatrist Doctor Kersi Chavda of Sushant Singh Rajput. He has given a shocking statement to the police.
Sushant's Doctor Opened Many Secrets; Was Upset With Rhea
Sushant’s Doctor Opened Many Secrets; Was Upset With Rhea
He told the police that Sushant came to me only 6 months ago. Although he had a problem of depression for a year, after a breakup with his ex-girlfriend Ankita, everything was fine for a few days. After this, Kriti Sanon came in her life but the relationship could not last long.
The Sushant’s Doctor also states that Sushant had worked with the daughter of a very well-known actor and during the film, the closeness of both of them would start to grow, but the mother of that actress asked him to stay away from Sushant and after that they both had a breakup.
The Sushant’s Doctor further revealed that Sushant used to be a little disturbed after his suicide which was his ex-manager Disha Shaliyan. They could not sleep at night they would hear strange sounds. The doctor said that Sushant has come to him only three times and was to come during the lockdown. But he had an appointment in lockdown but he could not come due to lockdown.
The police further state that they were not happy about the relationship with Rhea. Rhea met Sushant through a common friend. At that time Rhea used to live with her friend in Versova but after some time she came to live with Sushant. According to the report, Sushant has also told a doctor that he was not happy with Rhea’s marriage.
When Sushant put up a post related to the relationship with Rhea on social media, it was a lot of fight with him. So, all these things are coming somewhere. The Sushant’s Doctor says that Sushant had shared with him that he had made a big mistake in his life by breaking up with Ankita Lokhande.
And told another thing that he used to think about one thing from many directions. His mind, which was like a bipolar, did not think of anything from just one direction, he used to think about it in different aspects and kept thinking about it very much. Sushant was not happy with the relation.
He had taken an appointment with the doctor, but ultimately, he could not leave due to the lockdown, and on June 14, the news of his not coming. So, in this way, the complete statement of this doctor has come to the police. The Sushant’s Doctor has disclosed what is about a lot of things, I think that if the doctor has this statement, then it means that he was very upset with all the ups and downs in his personal life.
Professional life is not mentioned by the doctor. It is likely that no one has talked to them that way. Only and only his personal life problem is discussed in the court.


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