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Sushant Singh Rajput’s Father’s Big Statement To The Police

Sushant Singh Rajput’s father gave his statement to the police in which he has told a very big thing. Sushant was not aware of the depression but yes he said that some people are saying that after his death Sushant told that Sushant was upset with the situation in the industry. And this was told by Sushant himself.
Sushant’s father said in a police statement that Sushant had told me two or three times in the last few months that is feeling low due to the tension in the film industry. The father also said that there was tension due to pressure from the industry. He asks Sushant about his trouble and tries to get information. I stayed with them and offered to get them out of it. Sushant said that he will come out of this phase himself and everything will be fine soon.
According to Sushant’s father, Sushant never used the term depression. Sushant did not mention about the disease and its treatment. Sushant did not mention any company and person whom he suspected, who may have troubled him, whom he has not named.
For the first time, a member of the family said that Sushant was upset with his behavior towards the industry. That is, the things that are happening after Sushant’s death, the allegations that are being made on the film industry are true. This trouble in the industry had pushed Sushant into depression. Is this the reason for his death in Sushant’s suicide, the police has started looking for answers to these questions from this perspective.
Police made this statement about an hour before returning to Patna and took a statement of Sushant’s father and two sisters. According to police sources, the family was in shock. Therefore, it was not possible to take a detailed statement. But if needed, the information will be taken again. So that the real cause of Sushant’s death can be found out.
According to the police, apart from the family, statements of his personal aides, his staff, and some others were also recorded. In the interrogation that the police have conducted till late night on Tuesday, complete information about Sushant has been collected. Riya Chakraborty is yet to be examined. So important information can be found.


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