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SSR Committed Suicide Due To Depression: What Is Depression

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s post-mortem report came out and he himself lost in the face of tension. This is a very common mental illness called psychiatric illness depression. Friends, last year, a survey was conducted in India, Neurological Society of India, which is the largest neuroscience institute in India.
They did a survey and it was seen that which is the most common psychiatric illness in India. So the answer was depression. Depression is the most common psychiatric illness in our country. Many people suffer from it.
Information about depression is very important so that if we or any of our family members get depression, then they can be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. What are the symptoms of depression? 

The first and most significant brain stays depressed
In wretchedness, the psyche begins feeling exceptionally depressed. Even if something good is happening in life, the mind is not happy and sadness always remains round the clock, seven days and seven days.
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But from this, we separate the sadness of depression and normal sadness of life from normal. Usually, the sadness that happens in life is regretted, it gets removed when something good happens. If we are also sad, but something good happened in life then we will become normal.
The sadness of butt depression is such that no matter what happens in life, whether the festival comes or Diwali comes or Eid comes Christmas, we do not get happiness, the mind remains depressed. So we call it Persistent and Purvis Sadness such sadness which is always there and remains in every opportunity.
The second symptom is a loss of interest. There is no mind in anything. Whether it is your job, whether it is your education or whether it is your relationship. You don’t mind anything. There are many times that happiness in life has ended. Do not feel anything. I am not enjoying anything.
The third symptom is guilt. People feel too much guilt. People consider themselves guilty for every little thing. Curse yourself
The fourth symptom is physical weakness, the body always starts feeling tired. It seems as if there is no energy or no energy at all. People always start getting tired.
The fifth symptom is the completion of the concentration. If you are a student, you are trying to study, your mind will not focus or you will not be able to concentrate. Even if you do a job, your mind will not work. You will not be able to focus.
The sixth symptom is a change in appetite, usually a decrease in appetite. People’s appetite also decreases and due to this, weight also starts to decrease. But in some minority cases, instead of decreasing the appetite, hunger can increase and due to increased appetite, their weight can also increase.
Apart from this, problems of sleep are found to be quite common. Depression usually reduces sleep, a person does not get sleep and is also a typical way of not getting sleep. Sleep starts late in some people, meaning you are lying in bed, you are lying down for two hours, you are not getting sleep. Some people feel sleepy but the nights are ruined due to breakage.
And in the last come thoughts that harm you. People get ideas on what to keep in such a life that can be finished. Many times it takes many concrete thoughts of suicide that I will end my life.
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So if you have been having these types of symptoms for more than two weeks, then this depression can be a disease. Now the other important thing is that it is not that these symptoms will come only after something bad happens in the life of every patient. It is often found that something bad has happened in life, after which these symptoms come. But it can also happen that everything is going well in life, there is no problem, yet these symptoms have started coming up.
So now why these symptoms come, why depression occurs. It is a disease and there are two components of this disease. There are Biological causes and some psychological cases.
Biological reasons mean some changes are happening inside your brain. There are some changes happening in the chemicals of the brain, due to which there is a problem. Three chemicals have been found. If these three chemicals are deficient in serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine, symptoms of depression can occur.
Mental depression
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Apart from this, the most important of the psychological cases is that if there is something wrong in life or there are some adverse circumstances in life, then some people go on to have a cycle of negative thoughts and these negative thoughts are symptoms of your depression. Begin to increase.
We think of it in such a way that during the depression a person sees something negative in everything or feels something negative. If a person is doing something normal, suppose that he is sitting in class and studying and he does not understand anything, then the first thought that will come to mind is of a negative type that I do not understand anything. I will not study, I will not be able to do anything in life. My future is obsessed with darkness.
So both the biological causes and the psychological causes make the depression of the mill and continue the depression. So what to do if someone is suffering from depression.
See, first of all, remember that no one chooses depression with pleasure. Often we see that people come to the shelter that I have become depressed. I am so weak that I have depression. See depression is not related to weakness and strength to mental strength and mental weakness. It is not that those who suffer depression are mentally week people.
So the first thing to do is to stop thinking of yourself as a week if you are experiencing symptoms of depression. Stop thinking poorly about yourself. Stop feeling gilt for yourself. This is a disease and like any other disease, you will have to cure it.
Doctor Counslling
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There are two ways. There are medical methods, drugs that increase the levels of serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine and improve mood. And there is another way of counseling in which you go from psychotherapy sessions to counseling sessions. And the basic work in it is that the thoughts of depression which are coming in mind, the negative thoughts which are coming in mind, are identified and explained how to replace them or replace them with alternative thoughts.
Both things are quite effective and the best results come together when combining both the treatment of medicines and the treatment of counseling. So do not waste time if these symptoms are coming in or inside your knowledge. Depression is a disease that can be completely cured.



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