Home Entertainment Sonu Nigam Open Challenge To T-Series Head Bhushan Kumar:2020

Sonu Nigam Open Challenge To T-Series Head Bhushan Kumar:2020

Sonu Nigam opened Bhushan Kumar’s name. Sonu Nigam had put up a blog a few days ago in which he said that in the music industry too, such news will come very soon which is associated with Sushant Singh Rajput.
Sonu Nigam Open Challenge To T-Series Head Bhushan Kumar
Sonu Nigam Open Challenge To T-Series Head Bhushan Kumar
One can give his life in the music industry because the newcomer is not treated well. Two big music companies, that is, he has kept his monopoly and he also named a big actor. However, he did not name anyone in his entire blog.
Now he has again posted a video in which he says that I did not take any name but you are a mafia. And that’s why you called five-six people and gave an interview about me and took my name.
I had not taken the name but okay, now I take the name Bhushan Kumar. I challenge you and they have put a full video of about three minutes like this. How some press releases are being sold on behalf of Bhushan Kumar’s T-series and which such details are being printed in the media.
He says that if you are really a journalist then why not take a point of view on both sides. He further says that Bhushan Kumar, I was not taken your name, you have screwed with the wrong man. I did not take your name, don’t remember you used to come to me please do my album, introduce Smita Thackeray, sing in Deewana, introduce Bal Thackeray, Save from Abu Salem.
Yes, save me from underworld don Abu Salem, he is abusing me. So he has to say that then you used to come to me and now you have forgotten all these things. I did not take your name but now I take it because you have started it. Only then do they say that you are now screwed with the wrong man.
They have a video with Sonu Nigam and they say that they all know about this video. And if you mess up with me, I will put that video on my YouTube channel. Now you do not know with whom you have drunk.
So somewhere, he says that when I talked about the music industry, I only mentioned that you should deal well with new people. It should not happen that someone in the music industry too dies like Sushant Singh Rajput. I did not name anyone. I was saying that if you do not stay in love, then something like this will happen.
And after that some such news came from which he came to know that there are talks about his name, some articles are coming, opposing all of them, now Sonu Nigam has given an open challenge to Bhushan Kumar. Now let us see that there is some kind of reaction on this to Bhushan Kumar, what he says on all these matters.


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