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Shehnaaz Gill’s Msg For Her Lovers and Haters, “I’m gonna shine”

In the last two-three days, back to back interviews of Siddharth and Shehnaaz came and many things were revealed in it, although the people now question that what was being said is nothing about them.
Shehnaaz Gill's Msg For Her Lovers and Haters, "I'm gonna shine"
Shehnaaz Gill and his interview, in which he spoke many things about Siddharth, spoke all those things about himself. Said that Punjab is no longer Katrina, now she is the princess of India.
The way in which Shehnaaz came into the Punjabi industry from a small place called Byas from a small place, and from there through Bigg Boss, she engulfed the whole of India. There are many countries in such a world in India where they are very much loved.
She would marry me while Bigg Boss was on and when an episode was going on, which she did not want to do, yet she did. At that time there were many messages and emails from people that we will help her. There were such fans from their Canada and UK who said that we will pay as much penalty COLORS channel as they want to put on them, but Shehnaaz gets out of it so much love was received by them.
Now, while living in Big Boss, her haters were too much. Hier fans were many, but there were many haters inside the house. Because how come a girl from a small town does not speak English. Because in Bollywood it is not the same thing nor shows business, it is very important to be dazzled.
But there has been a big difference between that day and the present day. Shehnaaz herself said that I am learning a lot of things now. Kangana Ranaut had told an interview that I am working on my English-speaking skills but what should I do acting.

Shehnaaz Message On Instagram

And in the same way, Shehnaaz said, I want to act, English-Vinglish will continue to come. Now he has put her photo on an Instagram, is very beautiful and has written on it ❤️ Love me or hate me, either way, I’m gonna shine ❤️. This is the positive attitude that we should talk about. This is the attitude that living teaches.
Coming from a small place. The day she came to the Bigg Boss house, Shehnaaz shared the stage with Salman Khan for the first time, very big names come, they do not dare to join hands with them. And when shaking hands, we would shake. But this girl was the one who saw Salman Khan for the first time and said that she has to hug and also hug to Salman Khan. And after that, all the things were done openly and then after that it is the day and today is the day.
Shehnaaz 2BGill 2527s 2BMsg
So, Shehnaaz Gill says ❤️ Love me or hate me, either way, I’m gonna shine ❤️. She wrote this thing, that means that whatever she does, either love or hate her, she has to shine, she has to move forward, she will move forward.
For now, Shehnaaz Gill if we see Big Boss remains a very hot property after season 13 for all these media houses. Yes, some people interviewed and some will take more and talks about, her future plans, her career will continue to be talked about.
She has spoken a lot about the relationship between Siddharth and Shehnaaz . All the people keep on doing the thing, I have to think a lot about what will happen now. Siddharth means a lot to him; she has spoken and she needs someone who is like Siddharth in his life.


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