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PATANJALI CORONIL: Ministry Of AYUSH Prohibits Patanjali’s Promotion

No one knows when the coronavirus causing destruction in the whole world will end. But the scientists of the world are working day and night to make its vaccine and find a cure for it and in this race, there is also Patanjali.
Meanwhile, Baba Ramdev’s institute Patanjali launched Corona’s Evidence-based first Ayurvedic medicine Patanjali Coronil with full scientific details.
Ministry Of AYUSH Prohibits Patanjali's Promotion Of Coronil Medicine
Ministry Of AYUSH Prohibits Patanjali’s Promotion Of Coronil Medicine
Yoga guru Baba Ramdev’s made the drug Patanjali Coronil for treatment from Coronavirus. But the Ministry of AYUSH ordered Patanjali to stop any advertisement of Ayurvedic medicines Coronil.
In the Ministry of AYUSH, a statement on Patanjali’s medicine was issued and said that the Ministry had no information about it.
First, submit your papers to us and then avoid making any kind of advertisement or claim. Till all the investigations are completed, they cannot do any kind of advertisement.
The Ministry of AYUSH has also sought the necessary information from the state government of Uttarakhand regarding the drug Coronil.
The Ministry, citing the gadget notifications issued on 21 April, said that the Rules Rules were issued regarding the research of Ayurvedic medicines. Research on the coronavirus can be done under the same.
The Ministry of AYUSH has sought information from Patanjali Coronil about the names and composition of the drugs.
Along with this, the details of the study and sample size are also sought. And it has also asked for the details of how many people have been studied. Approval papers were sought from the Uttarakhand Drug Department.
Taking cognizance of Patanjali Coronil medicine , the Ministry of AYUSH ordered Patanjali to submit the complete information about this medicine to the government soon.
According to the Ministry of AYUSH, the method of making this medicine, its effect, or scientific study behind it or any facts is not yet with the government. Whether Ayurvedic medicine or allopathic medicine cannot be called the power treatment of coronavirus, as Baba Ramdev claims about Patanjali’s medicine.
Everyone knows that Ayurveda has immunity-enhancing elements. Many patients are recovering at home without medication. The challenge in India is to save serious patients who are still struggling.
And look for the medicine that works on them. We only hope that the medicine made by Ramdev is really effective. So they should submit their data as soon as possible so that this medicine is available among the people quickly.



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