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Nagpur Railway Station Installs ATMA Facility To Curb Covid-19 Infection

Along with fighting the Covid-19 epidemic, the Railways is taking several steps for safe travel. For the safety of railway passengers and to increase railway revenue, the ‘ATMA’-Automatic Ticket Checking and Managing Access System have been created in the Central Railway Division.
Under this system, efforts are being made to test the health of the passengers as well as the safety of the railway employees and to increase the revenue of the railway.
ATMA For Nagpur Station
ATMA For Nagpur Railway Station
Nagpur Railway Station has introduced an automatic ticket checking and managing access system for ticket checking in the Corona era. Nagpur Division of Central Railway has introduced a system ATMA to provide protection to railway passengers and employees for the prevention of Covid-19 infection.
Through this, tickets of travelers are being checked. The railway checks the body temperature, mask, ticket, and passenger’s identity card. Rail passengers must enter the ATMA-Automatic Ticket Checking and Managing Access system as soon as they enter the station.
At the front of the ATMA-Automatic Ticket Checking and Managing Access system, you will be able to see yourself on a digital screen and the ticket checker sitting on the other side. First of all, whether you are wearing a mask will be investigated. You will be thermally screened to confirm that you are completely healthy.
Even when fully healthy, the luggage leads to the luggage check counter by checking the PNR number of his ticket on the camera mounted above and showing ID proof. After all, passengers will finally go for boarding on the platform only after they have synthesized their hands. In this way, travelers can enjoy Corona free rail travel.
It is mandatory for the passengers on the platform to wear masks. Their thermal scanning is mandatory and only those people who have a confirmed ticket are allowed to visit the platform. To check these three things, at the rest of the station, employees will still have to do everything manually, including those who are likely to be infected.
To solve this problem, a new system of ‘ATMA’ Automatic Ticket Checking and Managing Access System has been established at Nagpur station. These include things like whether a mask is placed or not, passenger’s thermal scanning, passenger ticket availability, all of these things are automatically checked and an employee sitting in another cabin who stays away from passengers, He makes sure of all these things.




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