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Nagpur: Man Gave Party;Result 90PeopleCorona+,700PeopleQuarantine

Giving a party to his friends became so costly to a person that the Corona epidemic caught the entire family along with his family members. This campus is none other than Naik Talab Complex in Nagpur, which has become the new hot spot of Corona these days.
So far, more than 90 people have been infected with corona from this campus, while more than 700 people have had to do Institutional Continuation. Along with the people down deal in Nagpur, now shops and markets have opened. But still, people are not taking the corona epidemic seriously.
Nagpur: Corona-Party
Nagpur: Corona-Party
Although they have been given the laxity with some special conditions by the administration, despite this, people have also been appealed to strictly follow the guidelines issued by the administration. New hot spots of Corona are coming up in Nagpur city, but Naik Talab campus has suddenly come into the limelight in the city these days. So far, more than 90 Corona positive patients have come from this campus, while more than 700 people have had to institute institutional.
However, when the corporation health department was investigated for the outbreak of corona on this entire campus, shocking information came out. In fact, due to the end of the lockdown, a man of this complex had given mutton party to some of his friends, and the area from which this mutton was bought has become the hot spot of Corona itself.
There is a piece of general information that they had done some party, because of that, how did they party in a few meters from the house coming from Mominpura which was connected, later these people used to go around in their garden, so they took this position we will get to read, but later from a small source, it was found out that they had gone from there before and after the party.
Only after this mutton party, when the person’s health deteriorated and his corona were examined, his report came out positive. When its tracing began, 16 people from the same family were found positive from Corona. Among those who attended this party, 6 were found positive from one friend’s family and 13 from the other friend’s family. And now it is Alam that more than 90 people have come to Corona positive from this campus. At the same time, reports of 700 people who have been quarantined are coming positive on the day.
Significantly, till Tuesday, the number of corona positive patients in Nagpur is approaching 750, while more than 90 patients have come positive from this campus. Celebrating such a celebration in Nagpur city, despite the total number of corona positive patients in Maharashtra approaching 90 thousand, is showing negligence in the minds of people against a terrible epidemic like corona, which will have to bear the brunt. 


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