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Manmohan Singh Give Advice To PM Modi Between India China Clash:2020

On Prime Minister Modi’s statement, Manmohan Singh said that while making statements to Prime Minister Modi, one should always be careful about his words and declarations.
Although he did not mention any statement of the Prime Minister, it is believed that his statement is related to the statement made by Prime Minister Modi in an all-party meeting called on Friday after the martyrdom of 20 Indian soldiers in Galvan Valley.
Manmohan Singh Give Advice To PM Modi Between India China LAC Tensions?
Manmohan Singh Give Advice To PM Narendra Modi 
Then the Prime Minister had said that neither there has been an entry into our border nor there has been any entry nor any of our posts are in the possession of anyone else. After this statement by Prime Minister Modi, he was criticized all-round.
Later, the Prime Minister’s Office had released the Prime Minister’s revised statement and said that the statements of the Prime Minister were being distorted. Amid the controversy over the same statement of the Prime Minister, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has released his statement today.
In a statement released today, Manmohan Singh said that the Prime Minister should not force the Chinese conspiratorial stance with his statement. And it should be ensured that all the organs of the government work with mutual consent to prevent the situation facing this danger from becoming more serious.
Manmohan Singh was shocked at Modi’s statement that the Prime Minister should always be very careful about the impact his words and proclamations have on the security of the country and the interests of the strategic territory.
Manmohan Singh said that today we are standing at a critical point in history. The choices of our administration and the means taken by the legislature will choose how people in the future will survey us.
The former Prime Minister said that we urge the Prime Minister and the Central Government to face the challenges of the times and to stand the test of sacrifice by Colonel B Santosh Babu and our soldiers. In an all-party meeting called on China, the Prime Minister issued a statement that there was no intrusion in our border.
His statement was also tweeted by the Prime Minister’s Office. Congress took this statement and questioned whether the Prime Minister meant handing over Indian territory to China. Later, the Prime Minister’s Office said on Saturday that efforts were being made to misinterpret PM Modi’s remarks.
On this, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi tweeted that Prime Minister Modi has surrendered the Indian territory to the Chinese invasion. They have asked the question, if the earth was Chinese then why were our soldiers killed? The second question is where they died. Rahul is constantly tweeting about the martyrdom of soldiers in the Galvan Valley.
After this, on Sunday, Rahul again attacked the Prime Minister strongly on the issue of the presence of Chinese soldiers in Galvan Valley. He said on the basis of Galvan satellite photographs that China has occupied the Indian territory near Penguin Lake.
Rahul Gandhi tweeted and said that the Prime Minister has said that neither anyone has entered the country nor has anyone occupied any area. But satellite photos show that China has captured the area of ​​Penguin Lake.


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