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Kriti Sanon Heartwarming Post For SSR; People Became Emotional

Kriti Sanon wrote an emotional post for Sushant. Sushant Singh Rajput is no longer among us. Their absence is a big loss. Fans and industry to are not able to emerge from this loss. Sushant was a victim of depression for quite some time and he is said to have taken anti-depression pills.
Kriti Sanon Heartwarming Post For SSR
Kriti Sanon Heartwarming Post For SSR
What was the cause of the depression that has not yet been revealed? After Sushant’s departure, everyone is shocked and now finally Kriti Sanon reacted. On the departure of Sushant Singh Rajput. She is very emotional. He also shared a picture of some precious moments spent with Sushant.
“I knew that your brilliant mind is your best friend and your worst enemy. But I am completely shattered knowing that there was a moment in your life where dying felt better than living. I wish those people were around you Those who helped you emerge from that moment. I wish you hadn’t distanced yourself from those who loved you. I wish I could add that. I couldn’t do what was broken inside you. I wish so many things I am doing. The part of my heart has gone with you and a part will keep you alive forever. Never stop praying for your happiness and never stop. “
Everyone will surely get moist after reading this post. Somewhere from this post, it can also be inferred that Kriti is sad to get away from Sushant and is miserable thinking about him. For so long, people have been asking why Kriti Sanon is not saying anything, but by joining Sushant’s last journey, he proved that it was his friendship in the true sense and will remain.
His sister Nupur also shared a quote when the fans were questioning the Kriti. Did not even put a post, you guys did not give a lecture, how many stone hearts are you.
Everyone is shocked after Sushant’s departure and now this tweet of Kriti has filled everyone’s mind. Everyone has become very emotional. Nobody is digesting that Sushant Singh Rajput is no longer in this world.



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