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Is Nepotism In Bollywood Destroying Careers Of Talented Actors Like SSR?

Often, when a word like politics is mentioned, some legends, wearing white clothes caps, appear on their own. But in reality, they are notorious for the name. The fastest storm of politics is in Mayanagari Mumbai where the monster named the film industry slowly squeezes the dreams of forced people and drops their lives in the past.
Sushant Singh Rajput vs Bollywood
Sushant Singh Rajput vs Bollywood
Sushant Singh Rajput is a talent-filled artist who stood shoulder to shoulder with the famous surname actor of the film industry on the strength of his hard work without any support. Has said goodbye to this world now. But Sushant was not the first and probably will not be the last. The reason, the reason is thousands, which is impossible to put into words.
But there are some things which have crossed the limits of cheapness and it is very important to pull the skin behind them. The time has come to remove the mask from the faces of some people and show them a mirror.
Today we will see 10 points in this article that will prove that the film structure of the industry shining like a diamond from the outside is in reality a marsh filled with mud which draws innocent people towards themselves and makes them enemies of their lives gives.
1. The first reason is nepotism, which has hollowed the land of cinema in our country and has slapped the talent-filled actors in the mouth and has given them the most away for which they work for years. Just think that you are very fast in studies and go to school for a whole year with a bag full of books on your shoulder, but at the time of the exam, the teacher will intentionally send you back home without giving you the paper.
And without writing a single word to your own son, how would you like to distribute the highest number in the class. In the same way in the film industry, some actresses are served by decorating them in a new plate, while others do not get a chance to even audition. They raise their voice against it, they are declared insane or they accuse them of black magic that is why they collapse one day.
2. The second reason dual nature Dogalapanti, speaking in another language, has some famous producers whose pockets are quite thick and the wisdom is much thicker than that. Ayushmann Khurrana has mentioned someone in his book when he was told by Karan Johar’s office number in the days of Struggle that your career has been set. Then called the next day and got an answer that the number is incorrect.
When added for the second time, it was said that the producer is busy, after making the call and got the answer for the third time that we only work with the stars. But when Ayushmann became a famous name in the film world due to hard work, then Karan Saheb himself called him on the show and offered him the film, which Ayushman refused to entertain.
3. The third reason is the immersive media of our country which nowadays shows less and makes more news. Which star carries a water bottle of which color, whose child spoke the first word of mouth today or who washed the dishes in the kitchen for the first time. These are the headlines of their news. But they are seen in the news of one thing, whose name is followed by Kapoor, Khan. Why so? The answer is a green note which runs their business. Instead, they run a promotion shop under the guise of journalism and make some minor actors a god among the people.
4. The fourth reason is the connection, i.e Chamchagiri, through which attempts are made to find new ways to enter films. The only difference is that if you are the son of an actor, then you are told the story by sitting in the office with respect. But if you are an outsider and have to work in films, then inside the first closed room, you will be made to gesture in which both body and mind are scratched. However, if you show the courage to raise your voice and take the wrong in front of the whole world, then your career will end forever.
5. The fifth reason is the award, which is considered to be the weapon to measure the success of any actor. But in reality, it is no less than a business, we understand the whole process in easy words. See, the award show sponsor is a sponsor who distributes the award for free to the people associated with his film. Judges are also those who are associated with that film.
Assuming Filmfare was done by Amazon, Galli Boy got 13 awards, you know the secret. Another art form is to create a gimmick of your mind and hold the gleaming trophy in the hands of the star kids, with which they will pull selfies and upload them on Instagram. If children get angry then who will work in films tomorrow. Just ask them, Sushant Singh Rajput could not be given an award in return for the feat that MS Dhoni had shown on screen.
6. The sixth reason is fake respect, moderate respect, without which to work in Mumbai, no one will even try to look at you. If you want to work in films then you must have a good bungalow. If you meet the producer, then expensive cars will have to come down. All these pretentious games have become actors’ needs, without which you will be completely ignored. If there is no money then ask for a loan, take a loan from the bank but there is no guarantee that you will get work to repay it.
7. The seventh reason is TV shows, which is to say that they are made only for entertainment but in reality, they are used to remove the hidden anger inside. You will be asked on the pretext of coffee that such and such actor is useless to you. Funny jokes are made about why he wears clothes like poor in the party, or how he gets stuck in speaking English. The amazing thing is that these shows are not aimed at entertainment at all, but a shortcut way to make your favorite friend or their children popular, in which one actor is proved to be better than the other.
8. Star Kids vs Outsider’s battle, often seen as a termite on the doorstep of people coming out of the small town. Think about how the popular actress should openly mention how she used to be ridiculed by calling her weird names. Believe it, outsiders are treated like toys, who are shown dreams up to the sky, and film work is done for less money. After that, their phone will be stopped, they will put a board of no entry in the office. Then they tweet and ask how depression happened.
9. Ninth reason for the future of the film, a question that keeps every person thinking from the inside, whose whole life depends on the money earned from films. If there is no famous surname behind your name, then in every other film you will have to prove your talent. If a single film flopped then your career will be full-stop. Not even a second role in TV’s ad will be destined.
10. The tenth reason is not associated with anyone else, but with the audience. Which makes poor films to earn 200 crores and good films do not have 2 crores. When a hard-earned film is badly beaten, and a flop sticker is placed on the talented actor’s forehead, it is also impossible to guess what kind of accident his mind suffers.
If films like Judwa-2 make more than 130 crores and like Sonchidiya is reduced to only 4 crores, then the actors associated with the film have not failed. We belong to 0 out of 100 people who inadvertently got involved in a crime.



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