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India-China Clash: UN, USA Gave Reaction On LAC

Nearly 20 Indian soldiers have died in violent clashes with China in the Galvan Valley of eastern Ladakh. At the same time, 43 soldiers have also been killed in China. After 45 years, it has happened that a soldier was killed in a border dispute.
India-China Clash
India-China Clash

Regarding the ongoing tension between India and China, Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava said that talks between the two countries are going on at the military and diplomatic level. Efforts are being made to reduce stress. Let me tell you that there was a meeting between the senior commanders of India and China on 6 June. This was followed by several meetings between ground level commanders.
He said that in the midst of talks with them, we hoped that all would be well. Defense expert Lt Gen SL Narasimhan, who is a defense expert on matters related to China, says that incidents of firing on the Line of Actual Control along China are not common. He says that the bullet did not fire even on Monday evening. This means that the deaths that have occurred may be due to melee.
Due to this incident, India has been trying to resolve this issue among China for more than a month. She will last longer. Everything will be delayed to normal. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has also reacted to the ongoing conflict between India and China. Guterres said that we are concerned about the reports of violence and deaths on the LAC, the actual border. We request both sides to exercise maximum restraint.
Apart from this, retired Lieutenant General Satish Dua, who was the Corps Commander of Kashmir, says that where this incident happened, it is a cold altitude area of ​​high altitude. For a month, both the forces have been living in the open. If China and India are close to each other, then it is possible that the tension has increased so much that the limit has been crossed.
 The official statement of the Chinese Foreign Ministry has also come to light amid this incident. Beijing on the contrary accused India of infiltration. 20 of India’s martyrs were martyred, India also came to know about the violent clash between India and China in the valley of Galvan. 
The US issued a statement after a meeting held at the White House on Tuesday night. America said that 20 soldiers of India including a commanding officer of India were killed in violent clashes in the Galvan Valley. We keep a close watch on the ongoing tension between the two countries.
President Trump had a telephonic conversation with Prime Minister Modi on June 2. Let us know that 43 Chinese soldiers have been killed or injured on Monday night. According to media reports meeting at the White House. US President Donald Trump held an important meeting at the White House at 11.30 pm Indian time. In this, intelligence agencies presented a report on the India-China dispute.
Foreign Minister Mike Michael was involved in a useful meeting. A statement was issued after the meeting. America said we are closely monitoring the situation in LAC. 20 Indian Army personnel have been killed. America mourns this.



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