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M.S. Dhoni Is In Great Shock After Sushant Singh Rajput’s Demise

Sushant Singh Rajput’s departure has shocked his fans and the entire Bollywood industry. But M.S. Dhoni, the Indian cricket team’s former captain, who shared a very loving relationship with Sushant, broke down after hearing this news. 
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On hearing the news of Sushant’s suicide, the ground slipped under Mahi’s feet and he was not ready to accept that Sushant had spent such a good time with him. He is now gone forever.
Dhoni is in shock due to Sushant’s departure and that is why he has not been able to react to anything on social media so far. By the way, M.S. Dhoni has not given any official statement yet. But recently, Dhoni’s business manager and good friend Arun Pandey told that Dhoni is also very sad with this news.
Arun Pandey while talking to ABP Ananda said, “We cannot believe what has happened, I am not in a position to express my grief.” Mahi is also very depressed. This is a very sad incident. Sushant was 34 years old and a brilliant career awaited him. I have no doubt about it. There are ups and downs in everyone’s life.
Sushant practiced under the supervision of former cricketer Kiran More. He explained how wicketkeeping is done which was very important to play the role of Mahi. He further said that I still remember that Sushant was stressed during his practice. After that, there was also a crack in his backbone, but he was a confidant. He worked hard. He got to fit in a week.
Mahi was impressed by seeing her dedication to work. In 2016, Dhoni’s biopic M.S. Dhoni came in The Untold Story and Sushant played the role of M.S. Dhoni in this film. And for preparing Dhoni’s role Sushant had spent a lot of time with him. Sushant and Dhoni also promoted this film together and in the meantime, the relationship between them became exactly like brothers.
Sushant also spent a lot of time with Dhoni’s daughter Jeeva. It is clear that Sushant’s departure is also extremely shocking for Dhoni and his family. Because Sushant shared a very sweet bond with him. This is the reason that Dhoni is not in some speaking condition now, but when Dhoni manages himself, he will definitely say something in memory of his brother Sushant.


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