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Will We Have To Spend Our Whole Lives With Coronavirus?

For the last few days, this one thing has been coming in a lot of discussions, ‘Learning to Live with Coronavirus’ means that with Coronavirus, now we have to learn to live.
First, some officials of The government of India and the Government of India also took out a notice that now we have to learn to live with Coronavirus.
On May 17th when the third phase of lockdown was coming to an end, it was said that Learning to Live with Coronavirus is going to become normal. A few days later, some WHO experts reiterated the same thing that now we have to learn to live with Coronavirus.
Will We Have To Spend Our Whole Lives With Coronavirus
Will We Have To Spend Our Whole Lives With Coronavirus?
WHO’s emergency expert Mike Rai said that Coronavirus will live in our community like a local virus. It May not ever go like they said that we have to learn to live with Coronavirus in the same way that we have learned to live with HIV.
First of all, we understand the definition of endemic diseases, they are called endemic diseases where a virus keeps on roaming in the human population like this. If you do not have the vaccination, then you have full chances of getting infected. These diseases can occur in a few seasons or may come throughout the year.
There are three stages of the content of any disease globally, the first is control, the second is elimination and the third is eradication.

a. What is control?

Control is usually the stage where the numbers of new cases coming up are less compared to the patients who are recovering. The Coronavirus here is not at this stage at all. There are only a few countries that can say that we have controlled it and that is probably China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand.
But I would like to connect with this term of our own, perhaps, we hardly know whether it can be controlled or not. There may be a coronavirus coming back from there which we call the second wave. We have already heard a lot of news in China, we have heard the new wave in South Korea.

b. Elimination

Elimination is called finishing. Next Stage Next Stage Elimination where a geographical area is such that new cases are not coming there at all. Is elimination possible in the case of Coronavirus? You can take a simple example of this from Goa. A few days ago, Goa was told that Goa has become free from Coronavirus.
There was no new case for about 28 to 30 days, but suddenly a new wave comes after that. Control is not possible here. It is not possible to finish the second thing and second wave problem not only in Goa. These are some states not only in China but also in Japan, where similar patterns have been observed.

c. Eradication 

It is called the elimination of Eradication, is it possible? Till now, only smallpox is a disease that has been able to be eradicated. Polio and Guinea worm, polio is a very well-known disease. Polio has not yet been eradicated. India has eliminated polio. Now you will be able to understand what is the difference between Eradication and Eliminate.

So, if we have to live with Coronavirus, how will we live?

The government fully hopes that we will get some vaccines. But he has also said that people will have to learn to live with Coronavirus. You must have seen cases are increasing in India but have started loosening the lockdown. We are witnessing symptoms in the fourth phase of lockdown. So now we have to live with Coronavirus by taking some precautions that follow.

1. Social Distancing

Social Distancing
Social Distancing

Now we will find social distancing everywhere, such as in railway ticket line, in lines while buying alcohol, in the line of banks, in the school where there is a prayer, in the line of movie tickets, there you will find social distancing very much You will get a normal view.

 2. Mask and Sanitizer
Mask & Sanetizer
Mask & Sanitizer

Masks and sanitizers will also become an important part of our everyday lives. Hong Kong and Japan were very common here, masks and sanitizers. Whenever the flu season came or the cold season came, they often used masks. This habit of his had been going on for a long time, his habit which was very useful to him. But masks and sanitizers will not be so easy to adopt in India.

3. Digital Transaction

Digital Transaction
Digital Transaction

Digital transactions, whatever transactions you have, will start going digital, people will avoid going to banks so that currency will not have to be used. We directly transact online through UPI.

4. Work from Home

Work From Home
Work From Home

A study by IIT Stanford said that remote workers are, on average, 13.5% more productive than onsite workers. Maybe it will increase the productivity of our companies. Not only this, but the way in school can also change completely. In Denmark, they have opened a school at the moment, but there they have imposed many restrictions such that children cannot touch each other. You can no longer play with each other. Children who used to do highlife also cannot do it.

If only one child can sit on a bench, things will change there too. Digital education may become so important and popular that children do not go to school.

5. Transport


We are already seeing many changes in transportation. Recently, the Central Committee has also issued some guidelines for air transport, that if you want to do air transport, then you have to be in the Arogya Setu app, you have to wear a mask. How many luggage is allowed, everything is explained in the new guidelines. Now we will get to see things like social distancing, thermal screening, whether it is railway or air transport.

6. Personal Vehicles

Personal vehicles may also increase. Because now it is possible that only one person can drive in a vehicle. It may be that due to the arrival of personal vehicles, new problems and communication problems may also come up.

7. Industry

The industry will also change completely. The way the industry works will change the entire system, working with social distancing with less work. Here more and more work will be done by automation.



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