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Why Is COVID-19 Infection Higher In Males Than Females?

So far, over 44 lakh people have been infected worldwide due to corona infection, and more than 2 lakh 98 thousand people have died due to this. We have seen a trend in this in the last 2 months that this virus affects men more than women. Due to this, the percentage of males is also higher among those infected and the number of males is also much higher among those who died. So there have been some recent studies on what is the reason behind this.
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Covid-19 infection is not that targeting any particular age or gender, due to this infection, both old women and men ranging from a few days of a new-born child to 90-100 years have been affected. It infects everyone. Yes, the number of deaths due to this is high in the elderly, and especially the number of people who have a chronic disease, diabetes, or heart disease of any other major disease, then their life risk is more if they are above 60 years.
Is Although half of the population consists of half male and half female of the diseases of Covid-19, 58.1% are male and 41.9% are female, so that means that men are affected a bit more. This inequality is seen more in death. The death rate is also higher in men and in a country like Italy, 70% of the people who died were men and they are also above 60 years. A large study was conducted that included cases from several medical colleges and hospitals, and it was also found that men have higher infectiousness and mortality.


Recently, a study has come from the European Heart Journal, so this study was done in 11 countries of Europe on the disease, and in these researchers told why men are getting more infected? They have described the ACE2 protein. Several thousand men and women were involved in the study and because they were linked to Covid-19 on patients from 11 different countries. The main conclusion of this study was that there is a big difference between men and women who were infected with Covid-19 when their blood was tested. The concentration of ACE2 protein there was much higher than that of women. 
In this ACE2 protein is probably the reason why the coronavirus gives rapid infection to healthy cells in men. If you look at a human cell, it contains the cell membrane, and in this cell, we will get the ACE2 receptor on the outer surface of the brain, then this ACE2 receptor adds the spike protein of coronavirus. Spice proteins fit perfect inside ACE2 and they both get combined entry where they release their RNA inside the cell and start duplication where new virus particles start forming. So overall ACE2 acts as a cell door and opens the door for SARS-CoV-2, so the entry for SARS-CoV-2 is easily found inside the cell.
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ACE2 receptors which are perfect attach to SARS-CoV-2 on the brain membrane and thus SARS-CoV-2 goes on inside our body cells, this process is called endocytosis and later it the virus that releases its RNA inside and then its duplicate copies begin to form and the amount of virus inside the body increases. The number of ACE2 in the testes of men is very high and this is the reason why studies have shown that SARS-CoV-2 in men may enter inside the cell and this is why men are more affected due to it. Are happening the same trend is also seen in India. Last month, a study was conducted in Mumbai which stated that men are also more in number and the intensity of the cases in them is more than women. Vaccine work is currently underway in many places in the world, medicines are also being run in many places, many of them are trying the same thing that this combination of ACE2 and SARS-CoV-2 or attachment is in some way Stop and how will it stop. When you make anti ACE2 antibodies against ACE2, work is going on to block the same mechanism in many medicines.

2) XY-Chromosome in Males

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There are more studies about why men are affected, more than one study was published in the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine. They propose that males have the XY-chromosome, and in females, XX genes associated with the immune system are found on the X-chromosome. So, for two X-chromosomes, the immunity in women is a bit good but in men XY, there is only one chromosome X due to which immunity is being determined, so men are more affected due to it.

3) Due To Smoking

Smoking beedi, cigarettes than women all over the world, and hence their lungs and
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the respiratory system is already weak, so when SARS-CoV-2 attacks, they become very easily infected by their immune system. Can’t even fight with it, that’s why they have more symptoms and they also take more time to recover. On the other hand, the percentage of smokers in women is less, so women are also getting infected and get better quickly. Smoking factor China is very important in countries like Italy and the US because of the total percentage of smokers is very high in all these countries and most of the patients who have come before smoked or have smokers, then this factor is said to be very important. So, there are many reasons why men are more infected due to Covid-19 in the comparison of women.



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