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India Passing Through Terrible Heatwave;10 Of 15 Hot Cities In India

There has been a heatwave in India for the last few days and on May 26, there were 15 hottest cities in the world, 10 of them were in India.
Heatwave In India
Heatwave In India
So, what is the reason behind this heatwave as well as what is the updated criteria of when the heatwave is declared, according to the India meteorological department we will see them today? On May 26, Indias10 hottest cities in the world where most of the population and the temperature is taken.

On 28 May too, 8 out of 15 cities are in India and almost all of Pakistan, so in the Indian subcontinent which is the northern part of Northern India, Central India, and Pakistan, this area is passing through the heatwave. 
There is a heatwave going on in many places, one of the cities of Pakistan, Jacobabad, it is now considered to be the world’s hottest city where the population lives. Because here the constant temperature goes around 50 degrees in summer and the temperature of Jacobabad is more than 45 degrees in the last few days.

So, both the cities of Jacobabad and Nawabshah were the hottest place in the world, on 26th May both of them are located in Sindh.
Churu Desert
Churu Desert
The hottest city in India is Churu in Rajasthan and apart from this, there are many cities in India that had temperatures above 47 degrees.  At present, some areas of North India, Central India, and South India like Telangana are seeing high temperatures in them. The temperature is above 45 everywhere, Churu city of Rajasthan was at 50 degrees Celsius. On May 26, there are many other cities in which the temperature is above 47 degrees like Nagpur, Akola, Hisar, Jhansi, Prayagraj, Banda, Bikaner, Sriganganagar.
Overall, the heatwave is going on in many states like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. So, if you leave the Himalayan region, there is a heatwave in almost all places, in fact, many cities of Uttarakhand also has a heat-wave. There is no heat-wave in Himachal and Jammu Kashmir or in North East India. There have been heavy rains in North East India; There have been floods in Assam; Meghalaya is also raining heavily. On May 27, the Meteorological Department released the list of cities where the temperature was above 45 degrees Celsius. So almost the entire North India has been warned of the temperature, in many areas of Telangana and Maharashtra.

What is a heatwave?

It is also called heatwave or summer wave in western India. This is a situation when the temperature is above the average or normal temperature. Now, what does an average or normal temperature mean? If we have been noting the temperature for the last 100 years, then we will see that on May 28, what is the temperature in the last 100 years, the average is taken, if it is higher than the average, then we call it a heatwave. Now the Meteorological Department of India has maintained official standards.

The first criterion is the heatwave is not declared until the temperature in the plains rises above 40 ° C and in the hilly areas, the temperature is above 30 ° C.

The second criterion is that in the plains, the temperature of those cities is seen where the average is 40 or less. Dehradun temperatures have been noted for almost 100 years. The meteorological department in Dehradun city on May 24 had an average temperature of 39 degrees Celsius but the temperature was 43 degrees Celsius on May 24, 2020, the difference was 4 degrees but the heatwave is not declared at the difference of 4 degrees. On May 25, this temperature was 44 degrees, now the difference was 5 degrees, now they will declare heatwave. Because a temperature change of 5 ° C must occur to declare a heatwave. So, if there is a change of 5-6 degrees, then we can call it a heatwave and if there is a change of 7 degrees, then it is definitely a heatwave.
Now the meteorological department has said that if the temperature crosses 45 degrees celsius, then a heatwave will automatically be declared. Whether the temperature of the city is below 40 degrees or above average. Now in India, a heatwave usually lasts for four days. But many times, it goes longer than that, which is the current heatwave that lasted for five days from May 22 to May 27. Such heatwaves can be very harmful to people’s health. Because of this, there are some changes in our body when the heat increases. So, our body absorbs heat and due to that physical stress is seen. There are some changes in the basic functions of the body and the effects of common heat are seen: dehydration, heatstroke.
That is why take care of yourself and your family in summer. Never do too many activities. Do not get out between 12 o’clock in the day and 5 o’clock in the evening, and even if you are leaving, do not work too tired.
Now the heatwave is increasing around the world. In India, it was also observed that the duration of a heatwave is increasing, frequency is increasing and the biggest reason behind this is global warming and climate change and many people are also dying due to this. Like many people died in 2015 due to heatwave and when a heatwave hit Europe in 2003, 70 thousand people died in it, it was unexpected. Europe did not show such temperatures that were seen in 2003, so the heatwave could be fatal.
Cyclone Amphan
Cyclone Amphan
So now, if we see the current heat, there was no heatwave situation in the country till 20 May, but after May 20, there have been some changes in the weather, the biggest reason behind this is that it is being told that Western Disturbance is decreasing and another big reason is Cyclone Amphan. So, when Amphan came into the country on 20 and 21 May, he pulled the moisture from the weather across India, due to which the heatwave conditions in the whole of North India and Central India got a little easier, then from 22 to 28 May, there was a heatwave.
But there is good news for all of us that from May 28, these heatwave conditions will be reduced now, the Meteorological Department informed. There will be no heatwave in the next 2-3 days as Western Disturbances are active again, I have a request to all of you to take special care during the summer season.



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